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iPhone 16 & Apple Watch X: What's the tea?

iPhone 16 & Apple Watch X: What's the tea?

iPhone 16 & Apple Watch X: What's the tea?

Every year, the hype gradually builds as September inches closer. As many of you may know, this is when Apple usually announces its newest releases, and this year should be no different!

While Apple is very good at keeping secrets, this is what we know so far based on potential leads and industry analysis.

iPhone 16: New & Improved!

The next iPhone release seems to be taking a significant leap forward, building from its previous generations and actually giving a nod to a previous model. Here are some of the highly anticipated features:

(image credit: MacRumors)


We expect to see four models based on the trend Apple has developed: a standard iPhone 16 followed by the iPhone 16 Plus, the iPhone 16 Pro, and the iPhone 16 Pro Max.


It's been reported that the standard iPhone 16 and the Plus model will feature a redesign of the camera layout. Currently, with the iPhone 15, we have vertically aligned double cameras. However, the 16 is rumoured to be reverting to a pill-shaped layout as seen with the iPhone X.

As for the iPhone 16 Pro, the main change we've heard about is the introduction of a new button, which will sit directly below the power button. It's reported that the 'button' will actually be quite flush with the frame and could potentially contain sensors. It's currently unknown whether this button will be customizable, but the possibility is quite high.


Expect an advancement in display technology, with potentially higher refresh rates for smoother scrolling. Rumours also suggest improvements in brightness and colour accuracy.


This is always a huge focal point for the release. With the iPhone 15 Pro Max, we had some of the best improvements thus far. I don't know about you, but I remember T Swift fans showing clips of the Eras Tour and how amazing the zoom was compared to previous models. Colour accuracy was also something that was greatly improved upon, so we're very excited to see how they'll choose to upgrade.


iOS 18 is currently in its beta stages, which, fun fact, you can actually be a part of the testing (be warned because it's VERY buggy) and will most likely be the version that accompanies the release of the iPhone 16. The update will include features like a Photo App update, Photo Cleaning Tool, Writing Tools, Message app improvements, and much more!

Apple Watch X Series: Tell Me More!

Alongside the iPhone 16, Apple is also expected to unveil the latest iteration of its beloved smartwatch. Here's a glimpse into what might be coming:


In 2023, it was reported that Apple was exploring new ways to attach Apple Watch bands to the device. Ideally, freeing up the space from the current band's magnetic latches would allow for display expansion and thinning.

It seems like they may have cracked the code. According to leaks, the watch sizes will be increasing from 41mm to 45mm and from 45mm to 49mm. Along with these size increases, it's suggested that there will be a thinner design to allow for an increased screen size.

In terms of colours, nothing major has been reported. We'll most likely see the same aluminium variation, including Midnight, Silver, Starlight, Pink, and Red; as well as Silver, Graphite, and Gold in stainless steel.

Health and Fitness:

One of the biggest things I've been hearing about the Series X is the introduction of non-invasive blood glucose monitoring. I have NO idea how it'll work, and I doubt they'll have the technology developed in time for the release, but if it does, this would be an insane feature to introduce and would be extremely beneficial for those who have diabetes.

More likely, though, is that we'll be getting developments for already existing features such as the ECG, heart rate, blood oxygen sensors, and potentially the introduction of a blood pressure journal that would report when you've had pressure spikes.

Battery Life:

This is another big one in rumours, and I am hoping it's true. I love my Apple Watch dearly, but I would love to see a longer battery life. The Apple Watch Ultra 2 is able to last up to 36 hours, and it would be incredible to see this within the newest standard model.


Along with the Apple Watch X release, we can absolutely be sure that there will be a new version of WatchOS. The software update is rumoured to introduce new fitness tracking capabilities, improvements in overall performance, and most fun of all: more watch face designs!


While leaks and rumours provide tantalising glimpses, we'll have to wait until Apple officially unveils its new products for the full scoop. However, the excitement surrounding the releases is undeniable. 

And rest assured, when the new Apple Watch is announced, just know that we'll be ready and preparing new fabulous bands for you! 🥰

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